Aluminium window growth in home improvement

By December 28, 2017 February 22nd, 2019 Analysis

Aluminium windows are seeing significant commercial growth but are also making inroads into the home improvement sector.

Higher priced – and ultimately better products – are setting the defining trends within the UK window and door industry.

This has included the reinvention of PVC-U. Foils, flush casements, mechanical jointing and timber-type welds, providing the foundation for a new end-user offer.

It’s something which contributed to a 7% increase in installed values in 2016 – up to £4.5bn according to the latest Palmer report, at a time when the market grew by only 1% in volume.

And it’s been accompanied by the rapid growth seen in demand for another higher margin offer – bi-fold doors.

According to The Window, Door and Conservatory Markets in Housing in Great Britain 2017, sales of bi-folding doors were up 9.3% to 42,700 door-sets and an installed value topping £102million. Of these 59% were aluminium.

Aluminium windows are also assuming their place amongst a new generation of higher-value and higher margin products.

“There is a logical connection between increased sales and growing end-user demand for aluminium bi-fold doors and the resurgence being seen in sales of aluminium windows”, says Steve Mines, Sales Director, Sliders UK.

“The houseful of aluminium windows are out there but the market is by definition narrower because of price point – it’s a larger investment.

“Where we see the Ultimate Aluminium Window sitting is in the home improvement market.  The specification of a handful of windows as part of an extension or orangery installation to match-in with a set of bi-folding doors, is a much more affordable and therefore, accessible proposition.

“What it remains is a high value and higher margin opportunity for our customers.”

Manufactured in ALUK’s proven 70mm Optio system, the new Ultimate Aluminium Window from Sliders UK is defined by clean and flexible sightlines, making it suitable for traditional and contemporary applications.

It accommodates double and triple-glazed insulated units of 24mm to 40mm, employing a unique polyamide thermal break design to achieve u-values as low as 1.2W/m2K.  It’s also fully tested to PAS24 and is part Q compliant.

Available in white or anthracite grey as standard, plus dual colour options and any RAL colour as special order, the Ultimate Aluminium Window comes in a range of fully anodised finishes, also carrying a 10-year guarantee.

FACTBOX: The Ultimate Aluminium Window

  • Slim sightlines and highly flexible design options
  • Ultra-secure multi-point locking
  • PAS24 and Part Q (Building Regulations Security) approved
  • Advanced thermal performance with triple-glazed options andU-vlaues as low as 1.2 W/m2K
  • Enhanced weather performance including testing to hurricane force winds
  • Available in white or anthracite grey as standard, plus dual colour options and any RAL colour as special order
  • Child safety and restrictor hinges available
  • Green Guide (material sustainability) ‘A’ rating
  • 10-year guarantee

“We have developed a very transparent proposition”, says Mines. “The Ultimate Aluminium Window is being sold off list price, so there aren’t the fluctuations that you get from some suppliers depending on how busy they are.

“The price is the price, less your standard discount. It makes things cleaner and more straightforward for installers.”

The launch of the Ultimate Aluminium Window by Sliders UK, gives it a second aluminum window system having launched the Ultimate EVO XT at the end of summer 2017.

Available in multiple sash options, accommodating double and triple-glazed insulated units of up to 48mm the EVO XT achieves u-Values as low as 0.85 W/m2K. In common with its new ALUK offer, it’s also fully tested to PAS24 and is part Q compliant.

This neatly lines up the specialist manufacturer – and most importantly, it’s customers – to take advantage of the growth being seen in sales of aluminium windows.

According Palmer, in the last year, this included 26% growth in volume terms and installed value by 28%. The authors of the report attributing this to a combination of demand from high density urban development and growing end user demand.

But it’s the fit with its core proposition which Mines argues, is of greatest benefit to its customers.  This includes its established ALUK and Ultimate Evolution bi-folds.

Each is Part Q and PAS24 accredited, the ALUK bi-fold featuring concealed running gear, heavy-duty rollers and stainless steel tracks and multiple opening options, Sliders UK’s established offer.

The Ultimate Evolution aluminium bi-fold draws on innovation in hardware, combining a ultra-smooth bottom running system with impressively slim sightlines and an innovative fully adjustable jamb option. This dramatically simplifies door squaring and setting.

“The Ultimate Aluminium Window is by default a perfect match to the our established ALUK bi-fold offer”, continues Mines. “We also offer an aluminium lantern roof, so with the Ultimate Evolution bi-fold, we can offer our customers access to a pretty comprehensive aluminium portfolio.

“There’s a logical fit. We have the aluminum lines in place and significant expertise in the manufacture of aluminium products.

“The fit is also there with our customers’ offer. Bi-folds are normally ordered as part of a bigger project, so being able to fulfill that on a single order and single delivery to site, simplifies things significantly.”

“The market is there, it delivers high margins and we can support our customers in winning business through a highly flexible offer.”


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