We are excited to announce the launch of our eagerly awaited NEW Sliders UK Composite Door Portal!

CLICK HERE to view our NEW Composite Door video.

Over the past 2 years, we have been working hard behind the scenes with Business Micro’s designing Sliders UK’s new quoting and ordering portal. We ‘road tested’ the system for six months and then at the beginning of the year, provided access to selected key customers. And we have received outstanding feedback!

The previous portal was slow to operate, outdated and only worked with Microsoft Silverlight, which was difficult to access with the loss of Internet Explorer. This was the catalyst for the investment, which in turn created a fantastic opportunity to create a new system that could be an essential tool and correlation between Sliders UK, our customers, and a resource for our customers’ customer!

Our first action was to speak with our customers to find out what would be practical and useful features for their business.

This inspired the layout, steps when choosing product options and the placement of additional content, such as easy access and ability to download current brochures and useful information.

The next stage was to incorporate our own expertise. Sliders management within production, processing, marketing, and sales, regularly gathered to plan and modify each segment of the Portal. Their input insured the portal would communicate effectively between the front-end user operation and all required for our processing, manufacturing, and distribution departments.

See how it works! CLICK HERE to view a brief demonstration.

The portal provides Sliders UK customers the ability to build a quotation from 57 composite door designs, multiple frame flag, fan, top and side lights, choose any RAL colour, select from the 29 decorative and textured glazing choices, and personalise the composite door from an extensive range of hardware options.

Sliders UK customers use the Ultimate Collection Composite Door brochure as their own catalogue. Providing their customers with a bespoke service to build the entrance door that suits their style and home. The portal works in cohesion with the brochure options. The benefit of being built on a web platform, means our customer can build the door and provide a quotation on a PC, laptop, Mac, tablet or even a smart phone, directly for the homeowner. The Composite Door portal offers our customers an efficient and instantaneous service, while their competitors maybe chasing quotes for days!

It doesn’t stop there. Our customers can personalise the quotations with their own company details, logo, special offers and set a markup within the quotation builder. Once survey is completed and the homeowner and you are ready to order, just a few clicks and the order is sent straight to Sliders UK for manufacturing. It really is that easy!

How would you like your customers to do the work for you? Well, that can be an option. A tailored portal can be attached to your own website and when the homeowner has designed and chosen their door, you receive the lead to contact and close the sale. Once all details are confirmed, you give the final click and the order is sent straight to Sliders UK for manufacturing. Working smarter, not harder!

Some of the NEW features:


We are currently in development and soon to add, our Evo Aluminium Bifolding Doors to the portal! The Evo is an extremely popular product and our customers will find the portal to be a great asset to their business.

If you would like more information about the Ultimate Collection Composite Doors, or access to Sliders UK’s Portal, CLICK HERE.


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Each door & window is fully tested before it leaves the factory, guaranteeing performance and confirming peace of mind.


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