Frame your view with an Ultimate Evoslide aluminium patio door.

Patio doors create a seamless transition between an indoor and outdoor space. PVC patio doors can appear chunky, dated and their sizes are often limited, in comparison to aluminium patio doors. Due to their strength and slim profiles, aluminium patio doors are becoming a consumer’s preferred choice. The Ultimate Evoslide aluminium patio doors combine an ultra-slim physique with a strength that is built to last. The Evoslide is a perfect complement to any home, maximising the view, access, and transition from inside to outside.


The Ultimate Evolution slim interlock is only 47mm!

Energy efficiency in buildings is a demand made by architects and homeowners. Both being aware of the importance of a home’s environmental footprint. The Ultimate Evoslide meets such challenges with all the latest technological developments necessary to ensure your home remains comfortable whilst aesthetically pleasing.

The Ultimate Evoslide sliding patio doors have not only been designed with looks in mind but function and efficiency too. The Evoslide offers contemporary styling and robust functioning, whilst delivering excellent thermal stability. Each frame includes a thermal break that insulates the doors against heat loss, raises the inside temperature of your home and helps to reduce the risk of condensation. The strong and thermally efficient aluminium frames create large glazing areas. With a weight allowance of up to 280kg, a maximum sash width of 2500mm and height up to 3000mm, the size offerings are abundant! 


When considering patio doors, it is important to look at the sightlines that the sliding doors offer. Slim sightlines minimalises the amount of profile from obstructing your view and a slim design is constantly on trend. The Ultimate Evoslide has perfectly balanced long-lasting strength and sturdiness with one of the slimmest sightlines on the market. The straight minimalistic interlock of only 47mm, allows maximum glazing capacity up to 34mm and in turn, increases the acoustic and thermal performance.

Looks are important. However, functionality is essential. The Ultimate Evoslide is designed with the user in mind. The stainless steel rails allow for extremely smooth sliding. The sliding doors will not struggle or make unpleasant noises when opening and closing. Each sliding sash effortlessly glides into position. Choose from 12 configurations that have options of two, three, four or six sashes.

The popular colours of White, Black and Anthracite Grey are stocked to satisfy demand. However, if your aspirations require a diverse palette, the Evoslide sliding door range is also available in any RAL colour, including dual colours! With over 2500 colour choices, there’s an Evoslide to suit your space and design needs.

The Ultimate Evoslide aluminium sliding patio doors have been tested to the highest standards for airtightness, water, and wind resistance. This is why every Evoslide patio door includes a 10 year manufacturers guarantee and provides peace of mind for years to come.

The Ultimate Evoslide Sliding Doors are ideal for both replacement and new projects. The slim lines, low threshold, graceful operation, and modern appearance, makes the Ultimate Evoslide sliders suitable for any home that desires a practical door system. The Evoslide patio doors will provide the perfect connection from your home to your garden, all-year-round and whatever the weather.



Sliders UK has excelled in optimising performance, quality, design, functionality and durability, time after time setting the Ultimate Door Collection apart in a competitive market.

Positioned in the North West of England, Sliders UK Ltd has a 100,000 sq ft factory situated next to the M6, providing essential access that enables our national supply of residential doors.

Each door & window is fully tested before it leaves the factory, guaranteeing performance and confirming peace of mind.


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