Steve Mines, Sales Director, Sliders UK, explains how industry leading thermal efficiency combined with a flexible choice of finishes and exclusive sales areas, make the Ultimate Evolution XT a must-have product.

The end-user demand for aluminium windows has been there for some time. Thermal performance and reliability of supply hasn’t been.
We’ve been into countless customers and the story is the same – jobs delayed or incomplete because windows haven’t been delivered on time or jobs lost or switched to PVC-U, because the cost of energy efficient aluminum windows is prohibitive.
Customer demand has been in no small part, an influence on our decision to manufacture our own 66mm aluminium window, the Ultimate Evolution XT. The other driver has been our commitment to the strategic development of our product portfolio, where it makes sense to do so and where we can add-value to our offer to our customers.
Offering U-values as low as 0.85 W/m2K – a Passive Haus equivalent standard of performance – the Ultimate Evolution XT more than fits the bill.
It’s an incredibly exciting product, delivering thermal performance that you would be hard-pushed to achieve in a PVC-U window, let alone competitively in an aluminium one. That’s why we see it as being absolutely key to our own  and no less importantly – our customers’ growth.
Exclusively available in the UK, through Sliders UK, The Evolution XT houses insulated glazed units of up to 48mm, which means it comfortably accommodates triple-glazed units.

The patented and ultra thermally efficient Evolution XT thermal break

It’s exceptional thermal performance also draws on a highly innovative and patented thermal break. This features a multi-chamber composite core, filled with highly insulative foam, to create an ultra-energy efficient thermal barrier and with it one of the most energy efficient aluminium windows on the market.
We see this as being a real asset to our customers – an advanced aluminium window reliably supplied alongside their existing bi-fold, inline- sliding, composite door or lantern roof orders.
It’s also available off-list price. This was something which we know is really important to our customers who can pay wildly differing prices for the same window based on how busy their supplier is or isn’t. Our pricing structure is completely transparent and there for anyone to see.
We’re also committing to exclusive sales areas. The Ultimate Evolution XT is a high performance product. We’re not about to de-value that by flooding the market and setting-up our customer’s competitors just a few miles down the road. We want the Ultimate Evolution XT to be an aluminium window, which drives sales. It’s strictly first come first served.
And that’s because the Ultimate Evolution XT delivers stacks of USPs – not just exceptional thermal efficiency in an aluminum window. This includes finish options.
While the Ultimate Evolution XT is available in white or anthracite grey as standard, it also comes in dual colour options and any RAL colour as special order. This includes marine-grade Qualicoat polyester powder coating as standard. It means we’re able to offer a 10-year surface finish guarantee even where installed in coastal areas.
The Ultimate Evo XT is also available in Golden Oak, Rosewood, Worn Ash, Teak, Cherry and Dark Oak, Decoral woodgrain options. Far more hard-wearing and robust than PVC-U foils, these also come with a 10-year guarantee.
The Ultimate Evolution XT window by Sliders UK:

  • Thermally broken 66mm aluminium system
  • Patented thermal break technologies
  • U-values of as low as 0.85 Wm2K
  • Accommodates 28mm to 48mm (double and triple glazed) IGUs
  • Multiple sash options
  • Internally or externally beaded
  • Multiple coupler profiles to achieve widespan windows
  • Part Q and PAS24:2016 compliant
  • Weather tested to BS 6375 – 1:2009
    • Air classification – 4: 600pa
    • Water tightness – E900: 900pa
    • Wind resistance – EA2400
  • Operational performance tested to BS6375 – 2: 2009
    • Resistance to racking – Class 3
    • Static torsion – Class 3
    • Repeated opening and closing – Class 3 (20,000 cycles)
    • Operating forces – Class 1
  • 10-year finish guarantee

The Evolution XT is available in white and anthracite grey as standard plus premium and hard wearing Decoral finishes

If you look at where the market is going, it’s very easy to identify the growth opportunities that the Ultimate Evolution XT has the potential to deliver.
Although the market for glazing as a whole, took a dip south in 2015, falling by 0.7%, installed value actually increased to £4.20billion (Palmer), the decline in volume offset by a shift to higher value products aluminium key aongst them – up by 8% in 2015 to £370million.
Although PVC-U systems retain the lion’s share of the glazing market, Palmer also suggests aluminium continues to gain ground – up 6% in volume terms last year.  This means that it now accounts for 9% of the total housing market.
Manufacture of Ultimate Evolution XT energy efficient aluminium windows, means that we’re geared up to supporting our customers in accessing the opportunities that this growth delivers.
That’s why we continue to expand our product portfolio. It’s about identifying products which deliver more to our customers. This has included the launch of the Ultimate Evolution aluminium bi-folding door, alongside our other aluminium and PVC-U folding sliding doors and our aluminium lantern roof the Ultimate Rooflite.
The Ultimate Evolution aluminium bi-folding door offers ultra-slim sightlines plus smooth bottom running system and concealed shoot bolt lock with single point handle. It also features a highly innovative fully adjustable jamb option, which fitted to both sides of the door, makes squaring and setting faster – cutting installation time to as little as 45 minutes.
These time savings have made the Ultimate Evolution aluminium bi-fold popular with installers, while also delivering bags of end-user appeal. Supplied alongside the Ultimate Evolution XT energy efficient aluminium window and you have a compelling offer.
The launch of the Ultimate Rooflite makes it even easier to get all of the products for your next job on a single delivery and against a single order.
It’s based on the tried and tested BBA approved Ultraframe Classic roofing system. Capable of spanning openings of up to 5.8m long by 4m wide, it’s suitable for installation as either part of a new build orangery or retro-fit to a flat-roof.
Sold individually or together, these highly innovative aluminium windows, aluminium bi-folding doors and lantern roofs, deliver added value to our customers in on-site efficiencies, in our service and support offer, including assisted first time fits and in the commercial opportunities that they deliver.
We continue to build and grow together.
For more information contact the sales team  or call 01772 698222. Alternatively please contact me direct on 07776 230 481 or