The APECS AP Cylinder is available for any door style within the Ultimate Composite Door Collection. View our full composite door range within our brochure: CLICK HERE.

This cylinder has been developed to offer the highest level of security against forced entry caused by a range of methods, including drilling, plug-extraction, picking, bumping, and lock snapping – the most prevalent method of attack in a break-in.

The cylinder has been independently tested and is a fully accredited 3-star security product with British Standard Institute TS007 accreditation. Capable of withstanding a variety of attack methods, this cylinder will deter the most determined burglars, and is a popular option within the Ultimate Composite Door Collection.

Designed with a unique sacrificial point, it is engineered to snap in a manner that doesn’t allow further damage to the lock inside. Featuring an interlocking mechanism with a unique cam protection block and operable from inside when the lock is tampered with externally, it also comes with a 10-year guarantee for added peace of mind for your composite door and home.

The APECS AP also benefits from a double locking mechanism with additional track rail pins and a patent pending ball-bearing connection, which ensures additional operation smoothness and a strong fixing between the cylinder core and the cam.

The APEC AP cylinder and thumb-turn option are both available in either nickel or brass.

3* Thumb-Turn Cylinders

No key is needed to lock your Ultimate Composite Door from the inside, and as well as convenience, in the event of a fire you have safety built in. NHBC recommendations include the use of thumb turns on all new build houses.

What does this button do?

The button on the APECS AP cylinder is part of the patented Anti-Snap protection system.

When the external side of the cylinder is attacked or snapped, the button allows the occupant to use the damaged lock and exit the property safely.

Ingenious Multi-Point & Auto Door Lock

There are three Ingenious lock options within the Ultimate Composite Door Collection.

The multi-point door lock features 4 opposing ‘pincer’ action hook sets, a centre hook deadbolt, and a sprung latch. Manufactured from stainless steel, its construction is thoroughly tested to last a lifetime. This locking mechanism works in conjunction with lever/lever handles.

The other two options are Autofire locks. These are designed for the contemporary range within the Ultimate Composite Door Collection, used with bar handles, finger pulls, 5 and escutcheons. The Heritage Autolock cylinder is situated at approximately three quarters of the composite door height, and the Contemporary cylinder is situated slightly lower from the middle of the composite door. Find out more at

The Ultimate Composite Door Collection is so confident in the exceptional strength that the APECS AP and all three Ingenious Locks & Hardware options, that when used together, we are offering a break in guarantee of up to £5,000 for your maximum peace of mind (T&Cs apply*). Find out more by viewing this short video:

This means that if one of these products fail as a result of a break in, we will give you up to £5,000 compensation.

*For full T&C’s and to register your warranty within 28 days of install, go to


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