The Ingenious ‘Autolock’ option is an exceptional new development in lock design. Designed with the user in mind, it is immensely strong and so easy to use, you don’t even have to think about it!

Simply shutting a door with Autolock engages each latch firmly into place, no required lever lifting to engage the locking mechanism.

There are two Autolock options. Both designed for the contemporary range of doors where bar handles, finger pulls or escutcheons are used instead of standard door handles. The Heritage Autolock positions the locking cylinder at a more traditional shoulder level. The Contemporary is situated slightly lower from the middle of the door.

We are confident in the exceptional strength that the APECS AP and the Ingenious Autolock offer when used together, that we are offering a break in guarantee of up to £5000 for your maximum peace of mind (T&Cs apply).

This means that if one of these products fail as a result of a break in, we will give you up to £5,000 compensation.

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Sliders UK has excelled in optimising performance, quality, design, functionality and durability, time after time setting the Ultimate Door Collection apart in a competitive market.

Positioned in the North West of England, Sliders UK Ltd has a 100,000 sq ft factory situated next to the M6, providing essential access that enables our national supply of residential doors.

Each door & window is fully tested before it leaves the factory, guaranteeing performance and confirming peace of mind.


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