Sliders UK added the Kömmerling PremiLine PRO to its Ultimate range, giving it one of the industry’s widest product offers. Find out how single source supply can put money in the bank.

“It’s [the Kömmerling PremiLine PRO] an exceptionally good product and one which fits perfectly into our existing product portfolio”, says Steve Mines, Sales and Marketing Director, Sliders UK.
“It’s PAS24:2012 and Secured by Design accredited, delivers really strong aesthetics and gives our customers extended reach – as  a Part Q but also Part M accredited door, the PremiLine PRO also meets Lifetime Homes. It’s a cutting edge technology.”
Sliders UK added the PremiLine PRO to its Ultimate range at the start of this year. Available in 2, 3 or 4 panel openings, high security locking mechanism operated through patented interlock shootbolt system.
High quality stainless steel tracks guarantee the maximum possible service life and smooth running, while the clean sightlines of the 70mm outer frame are further enhanced through a wide choice of colours and low sightline black or grey gaskets.
The PremiLine PRO is opened and closed through a thumb-turn mechanism positioned centrally on the upright. This means that the it can be operated from a seated position which, when combined with a low threshold option, also makes it suitable for wheelchair use.
“The applications are multiple and across sectors” continues Steve. “Although retail probably fell a little short of our expectations in 2015, we saw growth in line with budget of around 10 per cent.
“We expect the industry to continue to see growth in 2016. Consumer confidence is high with household discretionary spend topping nine per cent growth at the end of last year – more than double that of 2014.
“But having the right products to access opportunities is going to be key. The PremiLine PRO, delivers really fantastic aesthetics, which will generate retail sales but we expect that in meeting Part Q but also Part, to drive sales in new build and social sectors.”

The PremiLine PRO features a patented internal shoot-bolt locking mechanism. Part Q approved, it's one of the most secure inline sliding patio doors on the market.

The PremiLine PRO features a patented internal shoot-bolt locking mechanism. Part Q approved, it’s one of the most secure inline sliding patio doors on the market.

Suppling more than 300 inline sliding doors, 50 bi-folds and more than 200 composite doors to the trade each week, in addition to Kömmerling, Sliders UK manufactures in PVC-U systems from Eurocell and Duraflex and aluminium systems from ALUK.
Innovation has been central to Sliders UK’s strategy. The fabricator became the first manufacturer of a Secured by Design accredited inline sliding door in 2008, adding PVC-U and aluminium bi-fold doors to its staple product range in 2009, followed by a composite door offer in 2012.
Having restructured over last summer, with the appointment of founder, Ian Longbottom to Chairman and the recruitment of Alex Murphy to Head of Operations, the specialist door manufacturer has announced ambitious plans for 2016.
“The PremiLine PRO is the first of a series of product developments that we have planned for the first half of this year”, continues Steve. “This will give us an expanded aluminium and systems range and the benefits that go with that to our customers.
“Access to the right specification is always fundamental. We have and are building on an offer, which allows us to deliver incredible range to our customers from a single source of supply.
“That generates opportunities to win business but also gives them back time. It’s a single weekly order, a single delivery, a single invoice – it simplifies doing business and gives our customers more time to go out and win it.”
While analyst predictions for the window and door industry remain mixed, they do nonetheless, forecast growth of around five per cent to 2019 (Palmer Market Research).
And according to Palmer, demand for new generation aluminium and PVC-U inline-sliding and bi-folding doors will make them industry ‘star performers’ through to 2019.
Sliders UK has been careful to cherry-pick the systems it manufactures to support with end user choice in mind.
This, for example, informed its decision to manufacture the Ultimate Aspect Bi-fold Door from Eurocell. “A slim line energy efficient and low maintenance PVC system, the Ultimate Aspect Bi-fold is available in a two to seven panel configuration, allowing up to 90 per cent of the glazed screen to be opened”, explains Steve.
He continues: “At its very most basic, it generates USPs. The Kömmerling Product does exactly the same. We aren’t tied into exclusive manufacture agreements with anyone, which is why we have the flexibility to manufacture from the leading systems and most importantly those systems which deliver most to our customers.”
Sliders UK, while reporting continuing demand for its PVC-U ranges, has seen a dramatic increase in demand for its Aluk aluminium product offering. This includes a 225 per cent jump in aluminium bi-fold door sales last year – tripling its bi-fold door sales in less than 12-months.
Supplying fabricators and installers nationwide, Sliders UK, offers all this, plus more while still achieving and OTIF of 99.97 per cent and an industry-leading two-week lead time on most orders. These are also trackable after Sliders UK introduced a bar-coding system across its manufacturing process, late last year.
“For us it’s about building on our product portfolio so we continue to offer one of the industry’s widest ranges but most importantly, one which adds value to and generates opportunities for our customers.
“We’re underpinning this with continuing investment in our team and service offer and in delivering more to our customers, we expect to see further growth in 2016.”
PremiLine PRO at a glance:

  • Available in 2,3 or 4 panel openings
  • High quality stainless steel tracks guarantee the maximum possible service life
  • Smooth running sliding doors move at the slightest touch
  • High security locking mechanism operated through patented interlock shootbolt system
  • 70mm outer frame
  • Low sightline black or grey gaskets
  • Wide choice of colours
  • Low threshold option
  • SBD accredited
  • PAS24:2012 and Part Q compliant
  • Meets Lifetime Homes Standard

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