Steve Mines, Sales Director, Sliders UK, explains why rooflites go hand-in-hand with bi-folds, French and patio doors.

One order, one delivery, one invoice – buying in doors from a single source supplier makes a lot of sense. As a door specialist, we can offer our customers a complete door range giving them time back – that’s time processing orders, paying invoices and time away from site to accept deliveries.
We offer one of the UK’s most competitive bi-folding door, French door and inline sliding door ranges, plus a wide choice of composite doors.
Adding a lantern roof to this offer was for us, a logical step. It delivers additional flexibility to our customers, allowing them to order everything for an orangery-type installation from a single source supplier.
Capable of spanning openings of up to 5.8m long by 4m wide, the Ultimate Rooflite by Sliders UK, has been designed to offer installers a highly flexible but also competitive product.
It’s based on the tried and tested BBA approved Ultraframe Classic roofing system and is suitable for installation as either part of a new build orangery or retro-fit to a flat-roof. Thermally broken the Ultimate Rooflite achieves typical U-values of 1.4W/m2K which should also make it popular with homeowners.
Glazing options include self-cleaning, solar control glass in blue or neutral tints. Color and finish options include standard white PVC-U or powder coated aluminium options in white, anthracite grey or satin black.
It’s a strong proposition for new build installations but also importantly the retro-fit market because it can be installed to pre-existing flat roofs. The transformative potential that this has is difficult to overstate, making it a very strong retail proposition.
The Market for Domestic Conservatories, by Palmer, suggests that while the home market for traditional Victorian-type conservatories fell by 9% in 2015 to 57,000 units, the replacement market reported growth of 13%.
Home-owners, it says, are also moving away from Victorian-type conservatories and towards more flexible orangery, orangery/conservatory type installations. This Palmer also argues,this is driving significant growth in the market for replacement roofs, which grew to 11,200 – up 62% in 2015 and forecast for continuing growth through to 2020.
The markets we’re targeting with the Ultimate Rooflite mirror those growth areas. It’s a great new build orangery solution but also it can also be retro-fitted and has reach into the flat roof replacement market.
But where we can really engineer in value to our offer is that it can be delivered on the same order as our customer’s exiting bi-folding, patio and French door delivery.
We offer one of the UK’s most expansive bi-folding door, patio and French door ranges. This includes aluminium bi-folding doors from ALUK, and Eurocell’s Aspect bi-fold.
We added a second PVC-U bi-fold from Duraflex to our offer at the end of last year. PAS24:2012 and Part Q compliant, the new Duraflex bi-folding door is fully integrated with the systems company’s Diamond suite, featuring beveled and chamfered options it achieves a DER ‘A’ rating and u-values as low as 1.1Wm2/K.
In addition to our established ALUK aluminium offer, we also supply the Ultimate Evolution . With ultra-slim sightlines plus smooth bottom running system and concealed shoot bolt lock with single point handle, the Ultimate Evolution has been developed to build in increased margin at the retail point of sale.
It also features a highly innovative fully adjustable jamb option, which fitted to both sides of the door, makes squaring and setting faster – cutting installation time to as little as 45 minutes.
Time is money. With options to order inline sliding patio doors from Kömmerling and Duraflex, we offer our customers genuine commercial edge.
The Premiline Pro for example, features a high security locking mechanism operated through patented interlock shootbolt system, it’s PAS24 and Part Q approved.
It’s available in panel openings of to 2, 3 or 4 panel openings – again that’s a PAS24 and Part Q accredited door.
High quality stainless steel tracks guarantee the maximum possible service life and smooth running, while the clean sightlines of the 70mm outer frame are further enhanced through a wide choice of colours and low sightline black or grey gaskets.
These innovations are immediately tangible to the homeowner and that equates to opportunity.
Our product development strategy is focused on those innovations which deliver a distinct commercial advantage to our customers.
The Ultimate Rooflite is a very well-considered product, it delivers installation efficiencies to installers, has masses of end user appeal.
Where on this occasion we can add greatest value, is that we can supply it alongside bi-folds, French or inline sliding doors as part of a single order and on a single delivery, saving them time, money and with one of the industry’s best OTIFs, a whole lot of hassle.
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