Aluminium Patio Doors

Enjoy smooth operation, lasting quality and a brighter, more spacious home with the Ultimate Aluminium Sliding Doors.

The Ultimate Sliding Doors deliver the best in modern styling and contemporary flair. Premium patio doors with slim flat sightlines, that effortlessly glide along its robust stainless steel rails.

The Ultimate Sliding Doors are ideal for both replacement and new projects. The slim lines, low threshold, graceful operation and modern appearance, makes these sliders suitable for any home that desires a practical door system.

Energy efficiency in buildings is a demand made by architects and homeowners. Both being aware of the importance of a homes environmental footprint. The Ultimate Evoslide meets such challenges with all the latest technological developments necessary to ensure your home remains comfortable whilst aesthetically pleasing.

The enclosed systems have been fully tested to guarantee the best performance in
watertightness, atmospheric agent resistance, air permeability and wind loads.

If having an uninterrupted view is important, then an Ultimate Evoslide door could be the best option. Slim sightlines, with grand door leaves that frame large panes of glass, the Ultimate Evoslide provides a panoramic view of all that is outside.

• Slim interlock profile of 47mm
• Sash heights from 1500mm – 3000mm
• Sash width from 600mm – 2500mm
• 2, 3, 4 & 6 sash configurations
• 200+ RAL colour options
• Optional PAS24 compliant for 2 pane configurations
• 28mm bead for double or 34mm bead for triple glazing


Sliders UK (Doors and Windows) Ltd has excelled in optimising performance, quality, design, functionality and durability, time after time setting the Ultimate Door Collection apart in a competitive market.

Positioned in the North West of England, Sliders UK (Doors and Windows) Ltd has a 100,000 sq ft factory situated next to the M6, providing essential access that enables our national supply of residential doors.

Each door & window is fully tested before it leaves the factory, guaranteeing performance and confirming peace of mind.


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